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Why Hart's?

Frequently Asked Questions and Why You Should Choose Hart's Collision


A quality autobody repair involves many steps to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Sometimes initial inspection may not reveal all the work that needs to be done. Until all the necessary work has been identified and all the parts have been received, only a preliminary completion date can be given. Of course the sign of a good collision repair center is a commitment to keep you completely informed of your vehicle's progress all along the way through to its completion. 

What Does the Estimate Tell Me?

An estimate is more than the projected cost of all the identified parts and labor. It also provides the basis of a work plan for your vehicle's repair. Key elements include your insurance policy's specifications for original equipment, aftermarket or used parts, and whether to repair or replace certain sheet metal parts since the cost of repairing a damaged part can often be more than the cost to replace it. 

Since the estimate is usually written before the vehicle is disassembled and measured, it is only a preliminary document and subject to change.

Will My Insurance Cover All The Charges?

Hart's will work directly with your insurance company to get approval on all needed repair work, including any not covered in the original estimate. The insurance company wants you the customer to be completely satisfied so they expect your selected collision shop to repair the vehicle according to their standards and yours.


Will My Vehicle Ever Be the Same?

If you choose Hart's, a PPG Certified Collision Repair Center, the answer is yes. Restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition includes the following important procedures:

    1. Measuring the vehicle against factory specifications with the Shark

    2. Replacing all parts that should be replaced

    3. Utilizing Axalta premium paint finish products


As we mentioned the collision repair involves many steps. The following outlines the procedures involved and important milestones along the way:

Estimate Prepared

  • Owner signs Repair Authorization

  • Insurance approval

  • Parts ordered electronically

  • Parts received

Estimated Completion Date Given

  • Vehicle scheduled for repairs

  • Vehicle disassembled & re-inspected

  • Insurance supplemental report written if additional parts/labor are required

  • Insurance supplement approved

  • Additional parts ordered if necessary

Customer Updated on Completion Date

  • Vehicle setup on Unibody repair equipment

  • Structural & body repairs made

  • New panels prepared/installed 

  • Corrosion protection applied

  • All metal work inspected, initial tests done


Customer Updated on Schedule Completion

  • Vehicle chemically cleaned and tacked

  • Vehicle prepped, primed and blocked

  • Vehicle blown clean, masked & taped, placed in paint booth

  • Multi-step paint refinishing process applied

  • Reassembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning, detailing, final inspection and test drive

Confirmed Delivery Date Given

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Repairs

  • Certified Color Matching on Site

  • Trained Certified Technicians

  • YES, We Can Fix ANY Leased Vehicle

  • Unibody/Frame Straightening

  • All Makes and Models, even Hybrids!

  • Insurance Claims Handled Directly

  • Computerized Estimates

  • Insurance Estimates

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